In the dynamic world of e-commerce, Oh Happy Home stands out with its unique mission of creating products that transform spaces into joyful sanctuaries. Recognizing the need to deepen their digital connection with customers, Oh Happy Home collaborated with Avocado, leveraging our expertise to revolutionize their email marketing strategy. Our goal was to amplify their brand voice while significantly boosting both customer engagement and revenue.
Oh Happy Home

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Comprehensive Email Marketing Strategy:

Embarking on this transformative journey, our team at Avocado tailored a multifaceted email marketing strategy, addressing each stage of the customer lifecycle and ensuring a seamless brand experience.

Customer Life Cycle Flows:

We implemented several key automated email flows, each designed to engage customers at various touchpoints:

Welcome Flow

Browse Abandonment Flow: Re-engaging customers who showed interest in products, guiding them towards purchase.

Cart Abandonment Flow: Encouraging customers to complete purchases with personalized reminders and incentives.

Checkout Abandonment Flow: Addressing potential barriers that interrupted the checkout process.

Post-Purchase Communication: Nurturing the customer relationship post-sale with care tips, feedback requests, and relevant product suggestions.

Repeat Buyer Flow: Tailoring content to encourage and reward repeat purchases.

Win-Back/Replenishment: Rekindling interest among lapsed customers with targeted messages.

Sunset Flow: Managing and re-engaging inactive subscribers to maintain a healthy and engaged email list.

Increase In Flow Revenue
Average CTR

Make It Count...

Manual Campaign Management: 

Our manual campaign strategies were crafted to complement the automated flows...

Creative Content Development: Blending direct-response tactics with engaging storytelling to captivate the audience.

Strategic Campaign Deployment: Ensuring optimal timing and audience targeting for maximum impact.

Avg Monthly Revenue (Campaigns)

Segmentation and Personalization:

Key to our strategy was sophisticated segmentation and personalization...

Data-Driven Segmentation:

Utilizing in-depth customer insights for precise targeting.

Customized Messaging:

Personalizing communication to resonate with different audience segments, enhancing relevance and connection.

Direct-Response Copywriting with a Personal Touch:

Our copywriting approach balanced persuasive techniques with a tone that echoed Oh Happy Home’s warm brand personality, fostering a genuine connection with the audience

Visually Appealing Email Design:

Our email designs were carefully aligned with Oh Happy Home’s website and branding, ensuring a visually coherent and engaging user experience.

Impactful Results

The revamped email marketing strategy brought impressive results...

A significant contribution of 45% to total revenue from email marketing alone.

Enhanced engagement metrics, reflecting the success of our personalized and targeted approaches.

website conversion rate
dropout rate


The collaboration with Oh Happy Home is a shining example of Avocado’s expertise in elevating e-commerce email marketing. Through our comprehensive strategy, we not only achieved significant revenue growth but also strengthened the bond between Oh Happy Home and its customers. Our ongoing efforts continue to focus on innovation and adaptation, keeping Oh Happy Home at the forefront of customer engagement in the e-commerce sector.

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