Conceive Plus, a global leader in fertility supplements, partnered with Avocado to revolutionize their email marketing strategy. Our mission: to create a campaign that resonates with a diverse international audience, enhancing global engagement and driving growth.
Conceive Plus

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About Conceive Plus:

Since 2005, Conceive Plus has been at the forefront of fertility health, committed to providing high-quality, effective supplements. Their dedication to excellence and consumer trust has positioned them as a trusted brand worldwide.

Strategic Audit and Vision for Email Marketing:

Our collaboration began with a comprehensive audit of Conceive Plus's email marketing initiatives, identifying key areas for growth. This formed the foundation of a globally-focused, yet intricately personalized strategy.

Innovative Email Automation for Enhanced Customer Interaction:

We meticulously developed and localized automated email flows, addressing key stages of the customer lifecycle:

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Welcome Series

Checkout Abandonment Flow

Browse Abandonment Flow

Post Purchase Flow

Win-Back Flow

Welcome Pop-Up

Cart Abandonment Pop-Up

Exit Intent Pop-Up

Each flow was adapted into 14 languages, ensuring a culturally relevant and engaging experience for every customer.

Direct-Response Copywriting and Campaign Management:

Our approach combined persuasive direct-response techniques with a sensitivity to cultural nuances. We managed manual campaigns across different regions, tailoring content and design to resonate with each specific market.

Advanced Segmentation for Deeper Engagement:

We implemented sophisticated segmentation strategies, leveraging customer data to deliver personalized and relevant communications, thereby enhancing engagement and brand loyalty.

A/B Testing and Continuous Optimization:

Our strategy involved extensive A/B testing across various elements, including:

  • Sign-Up Form Optimization
  • Email Timing and Frequency
  • Content and Design Testing
  • Personalization Tactics
  • CTA Effectiveness
  • Landing Page Conversions

‍This continuous testing and optimization ensured our strategy was not only based on best practices but also finely tuned to audience preferences.

As we advance our partnership with Conceive Plus, we are gearing up to expand our strategic dimensions...

Revenue Enhancement: 

We will drive sales through targeted offers and content, ensuring each campaign contributes significantly to revenue growth.

Zero-Party Data Utilization: 

Our focus will be on leveraging zero-party data to enhance personalization and ad targeting, maximizing marketing effectiveness.

Qualitative Research: We will conduct in-depth qualitative research to understand customer pain points, refining our strategies based on direct customer insights.

Community Building: Our initiative will aim to generate conversations around Conceive Plus, maximizing brand awareness and building a loyal customer base.

User-Generated Content: We plan to amplify social proof through user-generated content, enhancing trust and credibility in the brand.

Proactive Customer Support: Our approach will include anticipating and addressing customer needs proactively, improving the overall customer experience.

Conversion Rate Optimization: We will optimize product pages based on customer feedback and insights, enhancing the effectiveness of our web presence.

Fueling Acquisition: Our team will equip the Ads team with powerful targeting insights derived from our email marketing data, leading to more effective customer acquisition.


Our journey with Conceive Plus exemplifies Avocado's mastery in global email marketing. Our future-focused strategy underscores our commitment to driving growth and enhancing customer experience. We look forward to continuing this trajectory, pushing the boundaries of digital marketing innovation.

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