Founded in 2018 by Yavor Berbenkov Avocado Marketing turns constraints into additional revenue.
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Why Avocado?

Well, Because It's Healthy, Just Like
Our Clients' ROI!

What makes us the #1 Choice?

In this business, it’s what you know that’s everything. Our resources run deep, geared to take your email marketing to another level, but that’s not all. We are nothing if not results-driven, depending on:

Client Obsession

Seamless Communication

Data & Personalization

Smarter. Brighter. Mightier.

Our Team

Yavor Berbenkov

CEO & Founder

Iren Al

Account Manager

Gabriela Panteleeva

Design Master

Hristo Kuzhuharov

Account Manager

Boyan IIchov

Copywriting Lead

Boyan Koychev

Tech Admin

Increasing Your Revenue & Engagement

Here's how...

Automated Email/SMS Flows

We tailor a custom-fit autoresponder automation strategy and system for your eCommerce Brand.

However we don’t stop there, we always stay critical and monitor your data to ensure that we’re never playing a guessing game with your business.

Manual Email Campaigns

Not everyone on your subscriber’s list is in the same stage of the journey with your brand.

That’s why we make sure to reach out to different segments in the proper way so we can get as much engagement and revenue as possible for your brand.

Customer Segmentation

We craft a bespoke customer segmentation strategy tailored specifically for your eCommerce brand. Our approach goes beyond basic categorization; we meticulously dissect and understand your audience, ensuring each segment receives perfectly curated content. But our work doesn't end there.

We continuously scrutinize and adjust your segments, analyzing your data to make informed decisions, ensuring your marketing never misses the mark.

SMS Messages

Our data-driven approach doesn’t stop bringing you additional revenue & engagement yet….

We use additional warm audience channels like SMS and messenger to make sure that you get the most ROI possible.

Growing Your Email/SMS List

Expanding your Email/SMS list is an art we've perfected for your eCommerce brand. We don't just grow your list; we strategically enhance it with engaged, valuable contacts. Our methods are tailored, focusing on attracting subscribers who resonate with your brand and are more likely to convert.

But our commitment doesn't end with numbers. We continuously analyze and optimize our tactics, ensuring your list is not only growing but also thriving with quality leads, making every message count.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Maximizing your eCommerce brand's potential, our Conversion Rate Optimization service goes beyond traditional tactics. We meticulously analyze and fine-tune every aspect of your customer's journey to transform visits into sales.

Our approach is data-driven and relentlessly innovative, ensuring that every touchpoint is optimized for conversion. But we never rest on our laurels; we continually test, learn, and adapt, guaranteeing that your business stays ahead of the curve and your conversion rates keep climbing.

"The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision"

Our key to delivering tangible results as soon as possible starts with identifying the biggest constraint for your digital presence.

With constraint we reffer to the number 1 limiting factor that prevents something from happening.

Once it's identified it's time to focus on fully auditing this one constraint and comming up with a strategy for supplying upstream resources to make the "constraint" more efficient.

Then we track the updgraded performance of the constraint while we continue identifiying new constraints and supplying the needed resources for them to be more efficient and result in higher ROI for your company.

As simple as that....

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