Lansinoh is a company dedicated to helping breastfeeding moms. They were founded by a breastfeeding mom who struggled herself, and they are committed to providing support to moms everywhere. They offer a variety of products and services, including breast pumps, nipple creams, and lactation consultants.
Lansinoh USA

Email Marketing Strategy


Graphic Design

Project Overview

Avocado recently collaborated with Lansinoh USA, a company dedicated to supporting breastfeeding mothers. Founded by a breastfeeding mom, Lansinoh has become a beacon of support, offering a range of products and services like breast pumps, nipple creams, and lactation consultants.

Audit and Strategy Development:

Our journey with Lansinoh began with an in-depth audit of their existing email marketing strategies.

This allowed us to identify key areas of improvement and develop a strategic plan that aligns with their mission and brand identity.

Strategic Guidelines:

The redesign process involved closely studying Lansinoh’s new brand guidelines and translating these into an effective email marketing format. Our goal was to ensure that each email not only resonated with their brand identity but also effectively engaged their target audience.

We focused on creating visually appealing and functional designs that mirrored the compassion and support central to Lansinoh’s ethos.

In parallel, we developed strategic guidelines for Lansinoh's internal team. These guidelines were designed to maintain consistency in messaging, enhance user engagement, and optimize overall email marketing effectiveness. We covered aspects like content structure, audience segmentation, automation strategy, manual campaigns, and best practices specific to their industry.

The Redesign

The redesign process involved a careful study of Lansinoh's new brand guidelines. Our goal was to translate these guidelines into an email format that not only resonated with their brand identity but also engaged their audience effectively. We focused on creating a design that was both visually appealing and functional, ensuring that each email reflected Lansinoh's commitment to supporting breastfeeding moms.


Visual Consistency and Brand Alignment:

Ensuring that our email designs were in sync with Lansinoh’s website and overall visual branding was a key aspect of our strategy. This visual alignment helped in reinforcing the brand identity and provided a seamless experience for customers transitioning from emails to the website.

Results and Impact:

The revamped email marketing approach was met with positive feedback from Lansinoh’s audience. The strategic guidelines provided a clear direction for Lansinoh's internal team, empowering them to continue effective and impactful email marketing. This project exemplified our ability to align email marketing strategies with a brand’s core values, thereby enhancing communication and connection with their audience.


Our collaboration with Lansinoh USA stands as a testament to Avocado’s ability to transform email marketing strategies to resonate deeply with a brand’s mission and audience. The comprehensive approach taken, from redesign to strategic guideline development, significantly enhanced Lansinoh's engagement with their customer base and reinforced their position as a supportive and trusted brand in the breastfeeding community.

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